ReLi Home Box

Take control of your energy consumption.

What is ReLi Home Box?

ReLi Home Box is the perfect solution to manage your electricity consumption. Our innovative battery management system (BMS) smartly manages the battery for you to maximise your savings and provide improved safety and sustainability.

ReLi Home Box will hit the market soon, stay tuned by following us on social media. 


Our batteries come from electric vehicles, which otherwise would have been discarded. We reduce their waste and maximise their lifetime to contribute to the sustainable circular economy.


Our batteries are not only more affordable but they are programmed to maximise your economic gain and return on investment.


Our batteries are tested and certified. We use fire resistant materials and our system is configured to operate the battery safely at all times.

Why Us?

More independence from the grid

Circular Economy


High Savings

CO2 Reduction

Innovative Technology