Electric vehicles (EVs) are on the rise.

In 2019, 500K+ cars were sold in Europe alone.

But after 10 years of use, EV batteries need to be replaced.

This means that in 2025, ~200K batteries will be retired, still with 80% of their remaining capacity.

At the same time, programs incentivizing the installation of renewables - like Feed-in-Tariffs - are ending across the continent.

This necessitates new solutions and new business models to manage the extra electricity.

And so the demand for energy storage systems is booming.


ReLi gives new life to EV batteries.

We take retired EV batteries, dismantle them, test individual cells, and then reassemble into a modular battery box.

Our sustainable, affordable, and reliable energy storage solution increases asset value, reduces waste, and promotes a circular economy.



CO2 Emissions decrease, 

compared to a new battery


Expected # of batteries

to be refurbished in 2025


Increase in EV purchases,

for the 3rd year in a row

Take control of your energy

with ReLi

 ReLi's modular battery box offers homeowners the possibility to locally store extra electricity. The innovative Energy Management System (EMS) smartly manages the charging and discharging of the battery. Its safety is tested and certified by third-party. Plus, the product can also be easily interconnected to provide different capacities, depending on the home’s specifications.

"The ReLi battery box gives EV batteries a second life,

offering a sustainable, affordable, and reliable energy storage solution."

The ReLi battery box

ReLi provides a sustainable, affordable, and modular energy storage solution for PV systems and small-scale building using batteries from electric cars.

ReLi's battery box is equipped with an innovative energy management system (EMS) that makes them more durable and efficient over time. More boxes can be easily interconnected, making the transport simple and affordable. ReLi also reduces drastically the battery waste as it reuses the electric vehicles' (EVs) batteries that would have been, otherwise, thrown away or recycled. 


ReLi gets the battery from their partners at around 80% of their original capacity, divide it in more module of 1 kWh and puts them in the designed box along with the innovative BMS.