reMade Better

An energy storage system that will
save your money and the planet.

Save Money

Cut costs on rising electricity prices and increase savings.

Save the Planet

Minimize environmental impact and save the planet.

Stay Safe

Improve your power’s reliability and resilience and stay safe.

The reLi Lifecycle

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Battery's First Life

Our batteries live their first lives as electric vehicle batteries. 
When they come out of the vehicles, the batteries are still healthy and can be used for other applications.

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Once they are no longer used in the electric vehicle, we take them, revive them by adding our innovative electronics and software, and get them ready for their second life.

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Battery's Second Life

Once the batteries are refurbished, they start their second life as batteries for photovoltaic systems or industrial buildings, gaining extra years of lifetime thanks to reLi innovation.


Store the excess energy produced by your solar panels, become more self-sufficient and save money.

Commercial & Industrial

Save money on your electricity bills by getting a customized offer. Choose the perfect application for your needs.

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